HOKKAIDO SEAFOOD BUFFET is a chain seafood buffet that grows rapidly during the past few years in the U.S. There are other four Hokkaido in CA and one in PA at present, and we are proud to introduce us to you that we are the first HOKKAIDO in VA, MD and DC.

In order to provide a comfortable and appealing environment to our customers, we have invested millions of dollars for the renovation which took a whole year to complete. Like many of our customers shared to us, “Wow, what a fancy place!!! Everything is new. It’s huge! Fabulous decorations!” and “Dark hardwood accents coupled with high back tan booths along with modern lighting definitely make for an stunning dining environment.”Besides, our unique high back chairs are not only comfortable to seat, but also gives you a feel of more privacy. With around 400 cozy seats in 15,000 square feet space, you can seat yourself anywhere you like and enjoy your food pleasantly. Moreover, with two huge functioning rooms, we can cater big groups for their special occasion celebrations, such as birthday parties, wedding receptions, wedding anniversaries, graduation ceremonies etc…

In term of food, we have a variety of choices for you. Big selection on seafood, sushi, sashimi and teppanyaki is our specialty. To pick up your favorite food items to cook it for you only not just tastes good, it is also enjoyable to watch.

Coming to a place to eat, though food variety and quality is the first and foremost thing, service also matters. In order to make our customers have an enjoyable time while eating, we have chosen from many applicants and trained our young and beautiful waitress to be courteous, hospitable and attentive.

To make a better place for everyone to come and eat, and to keep our business growing, we count on your support!

So, come and have a great time dining in Hokkaido Seafood Buffet!